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18 September 2017 

Victim Focus Group (VFG) & Independent Steering Group (ISG) updates

Victim Focus Group

During a specially convened meeting held in May 2017, families were afforded the opportunity to meet in person with members of the Victim Focus Group (VFG). The meeting was a private meeting between the VFG and those families which attended.  As a consequence of the meeting the VFG has provided feedback to the investigation that has enabled Operation Kenova to further refine its service to families.
In September 2017 following a further meeting of the VFG, Chief Constable Jon Boutcher has accepted their recommendation to seek a more comprehensive feedback from all families through the implementation of a victim’s survey.  
Further details of this survey will be released in the very near future.

Independent Steering Group

In April 2017 the Independent Steering Group re-convened for a two-day conference. By way of introduction Chief Constable Jon Boutcher provided the group with a comprehensive update as to progress made by the investigation since the meeting in December. Amongst the many issues discussed, topics included:
  • An independent review of the investigation being conducted by staff from the National Police Chiefs' Council
  • The ongoing civil proceedings and the potential implications for the investigation
  • Managing families and wider communities concerns regards the operational independence of the investigation
Members from the ISG made a total of three recommendations to Chief Constable Boutcher, which have been adopted by the investigation. Due to this being an on-going criminal investigation no further information will be disclosed at this time regarding the meeting of the ISG and Operation Kenova leadership.