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03 February 2017 

Victim Focus Group (VFG) & Independent Steering Group (ISG) updates

Victim Focus Group

The Operation Kenova Victim Focus Group (VFG) held a three hour conference call with Chief Constable Jon Boutcher, his senior leadership team and victims coordinator on the 30 November 2016.

The group were updated on the meetings held so far with the  family members of victims with any issues being drawn to the attention of the VFG.

The group provided guidance to the Operation Kenova team regarding a number of issues and the advice of the group was adopted and will be incorporated in future meetings with victims by Operation Kenova officers and staff. Due to the need to respect the privacy of victims the minutes of the VFG meeting will not be disclosed.

Independent Steering Group

In December 2016 members of the Independent Steering Group (ISG) met over two days in London with the Operation Kenova senior leadership team. The meeting involved Chief Constable Boutcher and his team briefing the Steering Group on the Operation Kenova set up, overarching strategy and investigative approach.

A meaningful set of discussions took place over the two days during which six recommendations were made to Chief Constable Boutcher by the group. Each of the recommendations is being adopted.

The Steering Group members visited the Operation Kenova offices and met with the investigation team. Due to this being an on-going criminal investigation no further information will be disclosed at this time regarding the meeting of the ISG and Operation Kenova leadership.