An investigation into the alleged activities of the person known as Stakeknife
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Victims and families
Victims and families are at the heart of Operation Kenova which seeks to establish the truth of what happened.

At the launch of the investigation, Chief Constable Jon Boutcher gave an undertaking to the families that he would do everything in his power to uncover the truth as to what happened to their loved ones. No stone would be left unturned and no issue too difficult to address.

As a further sign of his commitment to the families Mr Boutcher has visited Northern Ireland and met more than 30 families face-to-face. He has listened to their stories, addressed their fears and concerns and promised a professional and thorough investigation. 

To ensure victims are kept at the forefront of Operation Kenova,  an independent Victim Focus Group  has been formed. The members of the group are internationally recognised experts in the field of Human Rights and victim support and offer guidance to Kenova on all matters relating to victims.

Leading family engagement at the tactical level is Investigating Officer (IO) Jim Redmond with Family Liaison Coordinator (FLC) Jayne Richards.  

Jim and Jayne are both highly experienced homicide detectives who are passionate about victims’ rights. Under their leadership Operation Kenova has engaged with 38 families relating to a total of 40 victims.

The investigation team has, so far, seen a total of 32 families. This has resulted in a number of people being interviewed and valuable new evidence being gained. Specialist Family Liaison Officers (FLOs) have been deployed to each family to provide on-going investigative updates and keep the families involved in the investigation.  

The welfare and confidence of the families is of paramount importance to the investigation. Every consideration has been given to the sensitivities of each family, ensuring officers from Kenova deliver a bespoke service to meet their individual needs. 

To provide further help and support to the victims and families, professional relationships have been forged with many organisations in Northern Ireland which provide families with multiple services, including counselling, advocacy and complimentary therapies. 

These include: